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Grocery Circus


For better or for worse, grocery shopping in our household is a multi-step affair.  After years of planning menus and making lists, we finally have it down to a science.  The Saturday routine involves one parent (we take turns), two munchkins, lots of samples, and (thank goodness) ZERO TRIPS TO SAFEWAY.  Here’s our formula:

Trader Joe’s: Go-to for organic dairy, bread, breakfast stuff, and limited produce

  • Shopping list: Yogurt, milk, cheese, eggs, almond milk, nuts, bread, tortillas, rice, oatmeal, oranges, avocado, hummus, peanut/sunflower butter, frozen vegetables, frozen berries
  • Favorite items: Middle Eastern Flatbread, Edamame Hummus, Fage yogurt
  • Pitfalls: Inexpensive organic produce = often tasteless

Whole Foods: Go-to for fresh produce, high-quality meat and fish, special items

  • Shopping list: Produce, meat, fish, fresh pasta, chocolate
  • Favorite items: XOXO chocolate, RJ’s fresh pasta, kombucha
  • Pitfalls: Beautiful displays –> “Whole Paycheck”

Other: Produce from the farmer’s market, coffee from Peet’s Coffee

We also use a few simple tools to help navigate the organic/natural/etc debate:

How do you tackle the task of feeding yourself and your family?  And do you have any favorite items we should add to our list?

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  1. ugh, I WISH I had this down to a science, but we’re still working on our “technique.” As for the pitfalls, WHOLE FOODS IS EVIL. I mean, of course I love it. but it’s best NOT to take my husband with me — he will totally buy those ten dollar drinks meant only for suckers. xox

    November 12, 2013

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