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Work/Life Integration

handsEvery summer growing up, some close friends who lived in Washington D.C. spent a month or two with their mother/grandmother in rural Wisconsin.  Their grandmother lived right next door to us, so this arrangement created an amazing extended family for my parents and sisters and me; as such, we all became intimately aware of our similarities, differences, and values.  I always had a deep relationship with the dad from the other family, Bill, who loved taking about things I was interested in — ideas and patterns and travel and what the future might be like.  But despite liking him a lot, there were a few things I didn’t understand about Bill. Read more

Five Simple Ways to Design a Fitter Workday

treadmill-desk-4The holidays are already feeling distant – the tree’s in the compost, the thank-you notes are in the mail, the champagne bottles are empty, the 2013 commitments have been made (or at least deliberated)…and alas, the inbox is filling up again.  We’re quickly and abruptly moving into the time when the resolution rubber meets the road…when we begin to test whether the ideas that made sense during holiday relaxation and celebration are realistic during busier times of the year. Read more

Blog #13: Some Meta Thinking About Purpose

photo by maria reyes-mcdavies, via flickr creative commons

photo by maria reyes-mcdavies, via flickr creative commons

In the “purpose” section of my wellfesto, I share my belief that we become what we do all day long.  If you agree with this, you’ll likely also agree that it’s damn important to shift our time balance away from things that feel misaligned with who we are and what we care about and toward things that feel well-aligned.  As I shared when I launched it, that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this blog – to spend more time each day thinking and writing about what matters to me (health + wellness).  And since purpose is foundational to health, I’m both experimenting with it and creating/reinforcing my own purpose as I write (super deep, huh). Read more

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