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Leaning into Life…Together

The #LeanInTogether campaign launched earlier this year did an amazing job shining a bright light on the power of partnership. The campaign – focused on the role of men in creating an equal world for both genders – brought men into the work/life dialogue in a natural and beautiful way. For me personally, it also made me reflect on the fact that having a true partner is a rare gift not to be taken for granted.  A gift that needs regular love and care. Read more

Bright Lights

Every person on this earth has a bright light inside of them. Sometimes it shines easily to those of us on the outside, and other times it’s entirely hidden. It’s our job to look for the light when we meet people…to seek the brightness, and once we find it, nurture it and feed it and help it get brighter and brighter.”

A friend recently shared this perspective in a conversation about the principles that guide our lives. Her kids go to Quaker school (commonly known as the “friends schools”), and this is one of the school’s core teaching philosophies. In short, it’s the belief that education is about drawing things out of people, not just putting things into them. Read more

Guest Post: Making Art + Making Memories

A friend of mine recently posted a photo of an art project that caught my eye.  I love the piece, and more importantly, I love what it stands for.  I asked her if she’d be willing to share her story on Wellfesto, and she wrote the following guest post.  Thanks so much, Dalton McCurdy, for your beautiful story and reminder for all to keep our eye on what counts.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. We are encouraged to do it all. Down time is lost time. Productivity is calculated in actions and, as a result, attention and outputs are stretched thin. Read more

Five Organizations to Support on #GIVINGTUESDAY

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.  Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GIVINGTUESDAY is a refreshing chance to take a break from everyday consumption and unite to celebrate generosity.  If you’re looking for an organization to contribute to today, here are five I believe in and feel great about supporting.  And there are so many more amazing organizations than aren’t on this list — which ones would you add? Read more

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, Thank you for being patient with me as I learned to walk and tie my shoes and fill my belly and do arithmetic and assemble outfits and find myself and lose myself and find myself again.  Without a doubt, this patience took serious work.

Dear Child, May I be patient with you, during the moments of sweetness and the irrational tantrums and everything in between. Read more

Re-Draw the Map

Goodnight, love” I said a few nights ago, rolling over and getting in position to get into REM as quickly as possible.  “Wait,” my husband said.  “We really need to re-draw the mapWe haven’t talked for more than a few minutes in days.” Read more

A Life Well Lived

Yesterday’s strong social media response to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s death poignantly showed the contrast between the human resilience and strength and splendor he wrote about and the reminder of life’s fragility that accompanies the end of life.  Stories abounded of a life well lived — a full life rich with understanding about the human condition. Read more

A Gift from My Dad

Filling up his lungs with a deep breath of air, my dad closed his twinkling eyes and reclined, allowing his trunk, shoulders, and head to gently slip below the surface of the water.  He always submerged his body in one methodical swoop, causing tiny, frothy bubbles to ripple in even circles away from his core as his body adjusted to the lake’s startling coolness.

Read more

Five Practices to Try This Month

Happy March!  With 7 days to go until daylight savings and 20 days between now and the spring solstice (not that I’m counting or anything), spring is in the air.

I find that the beginning of the month is always a good time to check in with myself — to take a few minutes to think about how things are going in my life right now.  Not where things were, or where they’re headed, but where they are at this precise moment.  Are things generally in sync, or is something out of balance (my answer this month: a bit out of balance)?  What does my mind say, what does my heart say, and are these in conflict at all?  And where, if at all, might I want to set an intention to shift something in the month ahead? Read more

That Guy

My company had a Valentine’s Day half marathon this morning, which was my ideal way to kick off the day with love!  Well, that and the delicious heart-shaped, kid-crafted pancakes I gobbled down before the race.  But this post isn’t about the race….it’s about the guy behind the race. Read more

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