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That Guy

My company had a Valentine’s Day half marathon this morning, which was my ideal way to kick off the day with love!  Well, that and the delicious heart-shaped, kid-crafted pancakes I gobbled down before the race.  But this post isn’t about the race….it’s about the guy behind the race. Read more

Hug It Out

My great aunt takes a regular yoga class in her senior living community.  Over 80, yet as sharp and centered and spirited as someone half her age, yoga suits her.  The sparse wrinkles punctuating her skin are evidence of the calm drumbeat of her life.  Her steady voice and kind eyes reflect her gentle nature.  And her mind is wide open (except when it comes to conservative politics). Read more

Making It Work

A few years ago, when our kids were just shy of one and three, my husband looked at me with exhausted eyes and said “if we get through these years without losing our jobs, getting divorced, or our kids resenting us, I’ll consider this time a success.” Hyperbole, yes. But that day, it felt like the absolute truth. He had spent the previous half hour scraping carrot puree off the kitchen floor and walls while I had physically barricaded our son’s door so he would stay in his room and go to sleep. Read more

Inconvenient Connection

The essay on the back page of yesterday’s New York Times Magazine was called “Why I Silence Your Call, Even When I’m Free.” The author tells a moving story about a moment in which she realized that she’s “coasting along on what seems like a new norm: Nobody picks up. Why should I?” Read more

Tantrum Silver Lining

A few nights ago our three-year-old was throwing a massive tantrum before bed.  It started with a vehement toothbrushing boycott, transitioned into a refusal to go anywhere near her bedroom (I gave up on the toothbrushing with barely a struggle), and culminated into a flat out, lying-on-the-floor, foot-kicking, red-in-the-face episode of screaming “I’m hungry!  I need fooooood.  I’m SO HUNGRY.  I’M SO SO SO HUNNNNNGRY!”

I didn’t reach for the fridge…I started crying.  Nearly sobbing, actually.  Read more

The Things We Carry

A colleague’s father is ill and deteriorating every day.  A friend just failed her second cycle of IVF.  My son is struggling with the transition to his afterschool program.  Our neighbor’s husband works in New York all week, every week.  Our babysitter is worried about how she’ll pay for school.  A friend’s child isn’t sleeping at night.  I wake up homesick for my parents some mornings.  A friend has been suffering from puzzling headaches for months.

Read more

The Desert in the Distance

Ever heard of FOMO (fear of missing out)?  I am fighting off an annual case of FIMO (fear I missed out) this week as Burning Man stories and pictures and deep reflections are filling my social feeds.

I’ve never been to THE BURN; the timing has never quite worked out, and to be honest, I’ve always favored using my precious weeks of vacation to do other things.  But I’m curious about the transformation dear friends have experienced as part of it.  One of these years I’m going to see for myself.

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Preschool Wisdom

Preschool teachers are amazing human beings.  With their seemingly unwavering patience, infinite wisdom, and clear sense of purpose — my kids’ teachers inspire me every single day.  They teach me how to be a parent, and they make me want to be a better person — someone who stays in the sandbox a bit longer than usual and leaves the phone in the car and gives long and crushing hugs.  So in their honor, here are 10 things I’ve learned from them that apply to all of us, now just the wee ones: Read more

On Children

Our first-born child started kindergarten today, and it stirred up more emotion that I had anticipated.  As we walked into his classroom his hand felt small in mine, I realized that before too long, my hand might feel small in his.   I felt joy and hope and nostalgia and fear and love all at once — simultaneously wanting to set him free with pride and hold him tight to protect him as he entered a new school and a new phase.  I wanted to know he’ll always need me…but not need me too much.  Read more

Walking the Walk

It would be foolish to want only ‘happiness’ for our children.  This would leave them stunted and poorly prepared for life’s inevitable difficulties.  What we really want to cultivate is well-being, which includes as generous a portion of optimism as our child’s nature allows and the coping skills, and therefore the resilience, that make adaptive recovery from challenge possible.
– Madeline Levine, PhD

Our children are among our best teachers, reminding us of the raw humanness that connects us all and giving us reason to think about our own values and actions and choices in a broader context.  Read more

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