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The Gift That Guided Me Back to Work

A few weeks ago, as I prepared to return to full-time work, I asked my kids (well, the two capable of responding) how they felt about me heading back to the office. My daughter’s brow furrowed as she sorted through the sea of uncertainty I knew was teetering behind her stiff upper lip, but her older brother surprised me by quickly and cheerfully replying, “I think it’s great, mom.” Read more

52 Hikes

I get my best ideas when I’m hiking,” remarked my 7-year-old son in the car ride home from the trail head a few weeks ago.  He hadn’t yet figured out how difficult his idea was going to be to implement (he wanted to build a time machine), so we just let him soak in the endorphin-fueled anticipation of what could be and hoped he didn’t want to dive into the execution details. Read more

Looking Ahead


First, I want to say THANKS SO VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH for following Wellfesto. This little project began three years ago when I decided to focus a bit of time and energy every single day to write about topics that mattered to me…and I hoped mattered to the people around me (e.g., to YOU). Read more

15 Ways to Make Room: In Your Mind, In Your Days, In Your Years

So often, I hear people say things like “I’m going to work hard for the next X years so that I can then spend more time with my kids later,” or “I’m going to get my life in order before the holidays so I can start working out for real after the holidays are over,” or “I’m going to get through this busy stretch of work events and then start cooking healthier meals at home.” My personal refrain is often “I’ll make more time to write when [my work slows down, my children get older, insert a million other excuses here].” Read more

Life Design: How To Run a Family Meeting

That sounds like a topic for the family meeting, mom. I think you should add it to the agenda for this Sunday,” said our 7-year-old son last week. While a few years ago I might have cringed at the idea of a child using the word “agenda” to describe anything happening in our household, I’ve come around to embrace the benefits a bit of structure offers. Read more

You Are An Athlete

You are an athlete if you know your body’s edges and boundaries. If you have ever tested the unique limits of your muscles, your breath, or your mind, you are an athlete.

You are an athlete if your very favorite high comes from a pulse that beats faster and sweat that beads your brow. If you have ever been acutely aware of the heartbeat in your chest, you are an athlete. Read more

Leaning into Life…Together

The #LeanInTogether campaign launched earlier this year did an amazing job shining a bright light on the power of partnership. The campaign – focused on the role of men in creating an equal world for both genders – brought men into the work/life dialogue in a natural and beautiful way. For me personally, it also made me reflect on the fact that having a true partner is a rare gift not to be taken for granted.  A gift that needs regular love and care. Read more

The Power of Moving Meditation

Rooted in Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies, meditation has been on the rise in the Western world for the past few years. In the last 10 years, “mindfulness” has exploded as a Google search term (see below), and Amazon’s shelves are stocked with books on the topic. Oprah has teamed up with Deepak Chopra to create the 21-Day Meditation Experience, meditation rooms are now mainstream at Silicon Valley companies, and people in New York are “having a sit” versus having a beer after work at swanky places like Ziva Meditation and The Path. Read more

Snack of the Gods: Avocado Toasts

The first special our waiter told us about Saturday night was avocado toasts — “thick slices of bread brushed with olive oil and grilled, slathered with avocado, and topped with a hint of chili oil, peppers, sea salt and arugula.”  I don’t even know what Vesta‘s other specials were that night because all I could think about as he described them was getting in our order for the avocado toasts ASAP. Read more

Focus vs Breadth: Defining Your Own Success Story

If you’re a real creative director, you need to be making creative things. It can’t all just be about making ads,” Donald Robertson, SVP of Global Creative Development at Estee Lauder, told Fast Company this month in his spotlight as one of the magazine’s 100 Most Creative People in Business. Robertson, who shares illustrations with Instagram followers at @drawbertson, gets up at 4am to paint for four hours every day before he heads into work. Read more

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