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The Simplest Cure: GET OUTSIDE

Lots of things stuck with me about The Imitation Game, one of this year’s Oscar nominees –the complexity of war, the levels of injustice people in the world have faced, the universal need to belong, the immense contribution Alan Turing made to science and to the world, and his running. Yes, his solo races through lush, green fields – heart pounding, sweat pouring, breathing labored – were indeed among the most memorable scenes in the movie for me. Read more

Three Keys to Managing Work + Life: Strategy, Structure, and Space

“Work/life balance” is a steady concern for many people in the Western world, as we all struggle to balance the lofty notion of doing versus being, and the practical one of building a career while building a fulfilling life. I’ve never liked the term balance. For me, balance conjures up two sides of a scale, representing a world in which choices are binary – a world far simpler than the one in which we live. Regardless of what we call it, we’re all looking for the same thing – a way to manage competing priorities and make peace with the active tradeoffs we make every day. Read more

Lentils by Candlelight

Tonight’s Soup Sunday choice was an oldie but a goodie — a red lentil soup I’ve made countless times since The New York Times published this simple recipe in 2008.  I now know the recipe by heart and follow it to a tee, with the exception of adding a few extra carrots and throwing in a few handfuls of spinach at the end for color and an added nutritional punch. Read more

Guest Post: Making Art + Making Memories

A friend of mine recently posted a photo of an art project that caught my eye.  I love the piece, and more importantly, I love what it stands for.  I asked her if she’d be willing to share her story on Wellfesto, and she wrote the following guest post.  Thanks so much, Dalton McCurdy, for your beautiful story and reminder for all to keep our eye on what counts.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. We are encouraged to do it all. Down time is lost time. Productivity is calculated in actions and, as a result, attention and outputs are stretched thin. Read more

Soup Sundays

During college, I used to make a pot of soup every weekend and keep it in the fridge all week long.  This weekly routine met the meal criteria that mattered most during those years — it was cheap, easy, and healthy enough to balance out the inevitable not-so-healthy college habits that persisted alongside it.  I churned out pot after pot of soup — from basic chili to Nepalese dal — steaming the windows of my tiny apartment and filling the air with spices mingling together, sometimes beautifully and other times awkwardly. Read more

Gluten, Mindfulness + The Beer Mile: A 2014 Lookback

There are lots of things from 2014 I’ll remember on a personal level — the fun our team had competing in the Great Urban Race national championships in Vancouver, an epic Levi’s Gran Fondo ride with two dear friends, foggy trail runs with my husband, and the beaming smile on my daughter’s face when she learned to ride her bike.  These are the moments…the days…the make up the years that make up our lives.  And the end of each year gives us a beautiful pause to remember the small moments and the big ones. Read more

Marking the Years with Miles

My middle school gym teacher did a cartwheel on her 60th birthday. I’ll never forget it. After we all assembled underneath the basketball net, donning our hideous blue and gold reversible uniforms, she announced her birthday and told us she’d been doing a cartwheel on her birthday for as long as she could remember and that day would be no different. “As you get older,” she said, looking out at our dewy and wrinkle-less faces, Read more

Five Organizations to Support on #GIVINGTUESDAY

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.  Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GIVINGTUESDAY is a refreshing chance to take a break from everyday consumption and unite to celebrate generosity.  If you’re looking for an organization to contribute to today, here are five I believe in and feel great about supporting.  And there are so many more amazing organizations than aren’t on this list — which ones would you add? Read more

May Every Day Be Thanksgiving Day

May we give thanks

For the earth that grounds us

For the light that shines upon us

For the body that moves us Read more

The Key to a Clean Diet: Post-It Notes

Some people organize their lives using fancy newish services like Evernote, Asana, and Notesy.  Business magazines would lead us to believe that everyone is using these apps, and without them, we risk plummeting productivity and blank to-do lists.  Well, as someone with two of the apps I mentioned (and some more I didn’t mention) downloaded but infrequently used, I beg to differ. My main way of organizing my life and my ideas is as low tech as it gets.  I manage my life on post-its. Read more

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