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Five Organizations to Support on #GIVINGTUESDAY

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.  Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GIVINGTUESDAY is a refreshing chance to take a break from everyday consumption and unite to celebrate generosity.  If you’re looking for an organization to contribute to today, here are five I believe in and feel great about supporting.  And there are so many more amazing organizations than aren’t on this list — which ones would you add? Read more

May Every Day Be Thanksgiving Day

May we give thanks

For the earth that grounds us

For the light that shines upon us

For the body that moves us Read more

The Key to a Clean Diet: Post-It Notes

Some people organize their lives using fancy newish services like Evernote, Asana, and Notesy.  Business magazines would lead us to believe that everyone is using these apps, and without them, we risk plummeting productivity and blank to-do lists.  Well, as someone with two of the apps I mentioned (and some more I didn’t mention) downloaded but infrequently used, I beg to differ. My main way of organizing my life and my ideas is as low tech as it gets.  I manage my life on post-its. Read more

Take Your Messy, Beautiful Self Everywhere You Go

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

One of my fears as a parent is that my kids will grow up and want to be someone different than the beautiful, unique people they are today. After all, it happened to me. What’s stopping it from happening to them? Read more

Ten Family Workout Ideas to Try This Weekend

Research tells us that healthy parents tend to raise healthy kids — a truth that most of us don’t need scientific proof to believe.  Raising healthy kids involves two main things: 1) ROLE MODELING (showing them the joy we get from scrambling up mountains with friends and the rosy-cheeked glow we come home with after yoga class), and 2) DOING (getting out on the fields and splashing around in the pool with them).  If you’re trying to figure out how to squeeze the “doing” part in, give one of these family workouts a try this weekend… Read more

Goodbye Balance, Hello Life

Stew Friedman, a management professor at Wharton Business School, recently published a book called Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and LifeForbes covered it today, as did the Harvard Business Review, and I’m guessing the media blitz will continue.  The liveliness of the work/life discussion never fails to disappoint. Read more

Everyday Luxuries

I don’t want this dinner…I don’t like brussels sprouts…I hate milk,” my children whine way too often. And bucking all expert advice about the limitations of reasoning with small children, I often can’t help but respond by telling them how lucky they are to have food on their plates at all. “There are kids in this world who don’t have any dinner at all. Or any breakfast. These kids go to bed hungry and wake up hungry, and they would be SO VERY HAPPY to have what’s on your plate. Think about that, and let me know if you want to keep complaining,” I often say to them Read more

Five Ways to Change Your Mindset

Our brains are powerful things.  Whether we like it or not, if we let them, our thoughts can dictate the course of our days, giving way to everything from joy and peace to frustration and anger.  And according to social contagion data, our joy and peace and frustration and anger then spreads to the people around us.  The good news is that we have a lot of tools that can help us shift negative thinking to positive thinking…and harness the power of already positive thoughts.  Here are a few small, simple practices you can incorporate into everyday life to keep the glass half full. Read more

Banana Nut Delicousness

With the school year in full swing, it’s helpful to have healthy snacks around the house — something that’s easy to grab during the inevitable morning whirlwind and ready and waiting when kids arrive home from school needing a small boost.

With a couple of ripe bananas and an abundance of almond meal from a friend who moved and gave me her stash, I searched for a simple recipe for almond meal banana muffins and came up with a winnerRead more

What’s Your “So What?”

If you missed the Huffington Post article “Your Body Is Not Your Masterpiece” a few weeks ago, take five minutes to read it now. Here’s a teaser:

Your body is not your masterpiece – your life is. It is suggested to us a million times a day that our bodies are projects. They aren’t. Our lives are. Our spirituality is. Our relationships are. Our work is.”

These few words have incredible power to re-frame the way we all think about our bodies and our lives. Read more

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